Continence Care Study
(England) 2012

Dear Continence Specialist

In 2007 a survey* was conducted to establish an overview of continence care in the UK. The results painted a bleak picture for clinical staff and patients alike. In addition to existing concerns expressed by clinicians, politicians, patients and industry alike, this further demonstrated the need for Continence Care to be discussed at the highest level.

Subsequently the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Continence Care was formed, chaired by Baroness Sally Greengross. In 2011 the APPG launched its report 'Cost-effective Commissioning for Continence Care.' This was written as a guide for GP commissioners by continence care professionals, and is available at

To continue this focus at Government level, the APPG would like to take a further snapshot of Continence Services in England, in view of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and the ongoing NHS reforms, particularly the commissioning of services. We would therefore be very grateful if you would complete the questionnaire below and return/email it back to the address supplied.

Questions 1 - 12
Overview of your health care organisation, the people you look after and your service

Questions 13 - 15
Staffing levels and morale in your service

Questions 16 - 18
Pathways and outcomes

Questions 19 and 20
Waiting times

Questions 21 - 29
Product supply

Question 30
Patient choice

Questions 31-36
Education provided by and for your Team

Questions 37 - 40
Commissioning, CQUINS and for you to list the positive and negative outcomes for patients since the introduction of the NHS Reforms

Finally there is a section for you to add your own comments, concerns, and observations.

We will notify you of the results and publish them on this website.

To avoid duplication it would be useful to have the name of your PCT/clinic, but these will be treated in confidence. Comments from completed surveys may be referred to in the resulting publication, but complete anonymity will be observed.

Thank you in advance for your valued support.

APPG for Continence Care


* Survey published by AHPMA
AHPMA provides support to APPG for continence care projects

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