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All Party Parliamentary Group For Continence Care Report - A guide for commissioners written by continence care professionals

Baroness Sally Greengross OBE
Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Continence Care

“This timely and useful guide illustrates the importance of continence care and sets out how to commission and deliver a quality integrated service which meets patient’s needs and is cost-effective to the NHS. Continence problems can affect any member of the population, young or old. Incontinence can have a profoundly negative impact on a person’s quality of life creating isolation, loss of dignity and other health and emotional problems. The wider cost implications of not providing adequate continence care are significant. Patients should be able to expect and receive prompt assessment and care to enable them to carry on living full and active lives. At a time of great change in the NHS we feel it is vital to bring this issue to the attention of all commissioners and policy makers.

This guide has been written and supported by a team of individuals and organisations who are passionate about ensuring quality continence care services are available and effectively delivered. On behalf of all Members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Continence Care, I congratulate them on an excellent document.”

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Officers of the All Party parliamentary Group for Continence Care are:

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